Pre-Winter Insulation Installation

Spray_Polyurethane_Foam_ApplicationSo you’re following all of our heating and air conditioning tips for energy efficiency and still seeing that sky-high monthly energy bill? It may be time to dig into the root of the problem and check out your home insulation. Insulation issues could be the reason your environmentally-friendly home could still have a large carbon footprint.

There are several different types of insulation for your home, and improper installation could be the reason you’re walking into a stifling home in the summer and an icebox in the winter. Correctly installed insulation should increase the comfort levels of your home, lower your utility bills, and improve the resale value of your home.

Entering the world of insulation can be confusing to your typical homeowner. A good place to start is to learn about what differentiates one insulation from another. “R-value” is a variable used to denote the amount of thermal resistance a type of insulation has. The higher the number, the less heat loss. Normally, the R-value of the attic is higher than the rest of your home.

Here at Reeves Heating and Air Conditioning, we know insulation and we know what your home needs. Check out all the Types of Insulation we at Reeves Heating and Air Conditioning professionally replace and install for homes in the Wilmington NC area, including batt insulation, blown-in insulation, sprayed or injected foam insulation, and rigid insulation. Then give us a call so we can help improve your energy efficiency and your home comfort level!

Fall Air Condition Service and Heating Repair

Nature PhotographyAs the cool breezes roll in and the heat of summer rolls out, these next few weeks are the prime time to call for air condition service. The best time to have your heating and cooling system checked out is when you don’t need it! If you don’t think you’re in need of AC maintenance, great! Early fall is also the best time to have a heating repair. Nothing is worse than realizing your heat doesn’t work when you wake up one morning seeing your own breath. Be proactive and have your heating and cooling system inspected before it’s too late!

As the leaves and pine needles begin to fall, keep a careful eye out to make sure your outdoor unit isn’t getting buried or clogged with debris. You also will want to change out your air filter a bit more frequently to fight the falling pollen and mold spores in the damp air this time of year. A clear unit and a new filter will provide you with the best air condition service you can get without a routine maintenance check.

Remember, switching your HVAC unit back and forth between heating and cooling puts extra strain on your system. Mid-September means mild temperatures and open windows in Wilmington, NC. It’s easy to take advantage of the beautiful weather by cooling your home naturally with a nice cross breeze, or heating it with open curtains and direct sunlight. The money you save on your energy bill this month can be put to good use by getting a quick air condition service!

Hurricane Season and Whole Home Surge Protection


Hurricane season on the coast of North Carolina poses a threat to the integrity of your home appliance. Lightning strikes and power outages can damage your heating and cooling system beyond repair, as well as your home computers or electronic devices. A surge protector extension cord is only able to protect those devices directly connected to it. How do you save your larger appliances from irrevocable damage?

Reeves Heating and Air Conditioning also offers clients full electrical services and repairs. Our licensed electricians will come out to your house and install whole home surge protection. The device is installed at your main breaker panel and protects your entire home for about $300. Long gone are the days of problematic power surges! The whole home surge protection installation not only keeps your home safe from severe weather, but also from user-generated surges. Your washer, dryer, refrigerator, and all your necessary appliances will be able to function fully regardless of potential surge damage after installation.

Talk to one of our heating and air professionals to see if Whole Home Surge Protection is the next step for your family.

The Benefits of Air Filtration Replacement

Clean_air_buttons_closeSummer is beginning to come to a close and the kids are going back to school. The change of seasons should be an instant reminder to change your air filter, but with all the hustle and bustle, it can be easy to forget. Changing the filter in your air filtration system monthly provides your family with clean, fresh air all year long. Neglecting to replace your air filter can have negative effects on your home’s air quality and your family’s health.

Replacing your air filtration monthly reduces the amount of allergens and bacteria in your home. A clogged filter does a less than optimal job at removing harmful substances that are being projected by your heating and cooling system. While a new air filter purifies the air, an old one can circulate dust, mites, mold, pollen, and dirt throughout your home.

Not only does air filtration keep your family healthy, it also keeps your HVAC system up and running well. Most AC repairs are needed after a system has built up a dirty residue from lack of air filtration. A new air filter every month is a lot more cost efficient than a complete heating and cooling system overhaul! Plus, a clear air filtration system can also save you money on your monthly energy bill.

Don’t wait until your system breaks down or your family gets sick. Replace your air filter at the beginning of every month to keep your home healthy and comfortable.

Read our previous blog to find out which filter is right for your air filtration system!

Seal Your Heating and Cooling Ducts

Duct BlasterThe ducts that move air to and from your forced-air system can be huge energy wasters. Sealing these ducts can improve your efficiency up to 20 percent or more. Installations done more than 10 years ago simply were not done with energy savings as a priority so they were never sealed like modern systems are. Even if your ducts look “normal” they can be robbing you of energy. We routinely find duct systems that were installed prior to 1990 that are leaking up to 25-30%!

Reeves uses an instrument called a Duct Blaster, which gently pressurizes your ductwork and measures the amount of leakage. The results show the location and amount of air leaking from your ducts. We can then eliminate most of these leaks with a special sealant. The improvement means that more of the conditioned air will make it inside the home improving overall efficiency. It can also mean improved comfort and less dust because less dirty, humid outdoor air is being pulled into the home.

The Wrong HVAC Filter Can Cost You Money

HVAC Air FilterJust because a filter is available on store shelves and advertised as “longer lasting” and “more efficient” doesn’t mean that it will work in your system. The term “more efficient” might not even mean what you think. In the filter industry, “more efficient” means that the filter will remove smaller particles in larger quantities. However, these “more efficient” filters have smaller openings in them causing your system to have less total airflow. A variable-speed blower will begin working harder to make up the airflow which, in turn, consumes more energy. The energy consumption increases exponentially as the airflow restriction increases.

So what about the “longer-lasting” claim? Pleated filters do present more surface area so IF the filter material is the same, the claim is true. However, if the density of the filter material is also increased to achieve higher “efficiency” then the filter will trap more particles and will end up needing to be changed just as often. With a high-efficiency, pleated filter, the bottom line is that you will remove more particles from the air but you will use more energy in doing it and will need to change it just as often.

Other than higher energy consumption, is there a down-side to using “high efficiency filters? Maybe. If the airflow is restricted too much, the coil in an air conditioner will start to freeze up. If enough ice forms, this could lead to flooding or even damage to the compressor. The heat exchanger in a gas furnace can overheat causing them to trip out on a high-temperature limit or worse, crack. So how do you know if a particular filter will work in your system? Unfortunately, the information you need is not typically printed on the packaging. The best way is to install it and test the static pressure in the system. Our technicians will be happy to help you with this test during your Fall tune-up.

New HVAC Maintenance, Full Home Surge Protection, HVAC Audit, and More!

Revised HVAC Maintenance Programs

Our maintenance programs have been completely redesigned beginning with this season. You can now choose between a simple Seasonal Inspection / Tune-up or a more traditional Annual Maintenance Agreement. While both programs meet all manufacturer’s requirements to maintain your warranty, there are several distinct differences in the programs. Should you have maintenance performed on your system? Absolutely! Just like a car, your heating and cooling system has many mechanical parts that need attention to keep them efficient and reliable. Neglect can lead to dirt and corrosion on the coils which degrade the unit’s ability to transfer heat and causes decreased efficiency; incorrect refrigerant charge which can also cause a degradation in efficiency; and failure of simple parts like capacitors and contractors which, if left unchecked, can cause major components like motors and compressors to fail. We could go on, but you get the idea.

Find Out More about Our Maintenance Plan Options

HVAC Audit Program

An automated diagnostic tool analyzes your system’s current performance, and provides an immediate report on fixes to increase its efficiency, along with estimated energy and money savings. Once the suggested fixes are completed, you’ll receive a second report on your HVAC that will provide updated data that measures the increased efficiencies of your system.

Your HVAC system is one of the biggest investments in your home and one of the largest energy users. By uncovering problems that could affect its performance, you’ll lengthen your system’s lifespan and enhance your home’s comfort.

And the best part…
Duke Energy customers are eligible for a $100 cash rebate for this service.

Contact Us to Schedule an HVAC Audit

Electrical Service & Repair

Reeves now offers Electrical service and repair. Just as you’ve trusted us for your HVAC, call us on when you need a new receptacle, have a problem with a circuit breaker, or just about anything electrical. We hold a NC Electrical license and have a full-time electrician on staff. One of our most popular requests is for Complete Full Home Surge Protection. This is a device that is installed at your main breaker panel and provides AC power surge protection for home electronics and appliances. For around $300, get worry-free protection with a solid manufacturer guarantee. Call us today to have one installed in your home.

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