Fall Air Condition Service and Heating Repair

Nature PhotographyAs the cool breezes roll in and the heat of summer rolls out, these next few weeks are the prime time to call for air condition service. The best time to have your heating and cooling system checked out is when you don’t need it! If you don’t think you’re in need of AC maintenance, great! Early fall is also the best time to have a heating repair. Nothing is worse than realizing your heat doesn’t work when you wake up one morning seeing your own breath. Be proactive and have your heating and cooling system inspected before it’s too late!

As the leaves and pine needles begin to fall, keep a careful eye out to make sure your outdoor unit isn’t getting buried or clogged with debris. You also will want to change out your air filter a bit more frequently to fight the falling pollen and mold spores in the damp air this time of year. A clear unit and a new filter will provide you with the best air condition service you can get without a routine maintenance check.

Remember, switching your HVAC unit back and forth between heating and cooling puts extra strain on your system. Mid-September means mild temperatures and open windows in Wilmington, NC. It’s easy to take advantage of the beautiful weather by cooling your home naturally with a nice cross breeze, or heating it with open curtains and direct sunlight. The money you save on your energy bill this month can be put to good use by getting a quick air condition service!