Hurricane Season and Whole Home Surge Protection


Hurricane season on the coast of North Carolina poses a threat to the integrity of your home appliance. Lightning strikes and power outages can damage your heating and cooling system beyond repair, as well as your home computers or electronic devices. A surge protector extension cord is only able to protect those devices directly connected to it. How do you save your larger appliances from irrevocable damage?

Reeves Heating and Air Conditioning also offers clients full electrical services and repairs. Our licensed electricians will come out to your house and install whole home surge protection. The device is installed at your main breaker panel and protects your entire home for about $300. Long gone are the days of problematic power surges! The whole home surge protection installation not only keeps your home safe from severe weather, but also from user-generated surges. Your washer, dryer, refrigerator, and all your necessary appliances will be able to function fully regardless of potential surge damage after installation.

Talk to one of our heating and air professionals to see if Whole Home Surge Protection is the next step for your family.