Seal Your Heating and Cooling Ducts

Duct BlasterThe ducts that move air to and from your forced-air system can be huge energy wasters. Sealing these ducts can improve your efficiency up to 20 percent or more. Installations done more than 10 years ago simply were not done with energy savings as a priority so they were never sealed like modern systems are. Even if your ducts look “normal” they can be robbing you of energy. We routinely find duct systems that were installed prior to 1990 that are leaking up to 25-30%!

Reeves uses an instrument called a Duct Blaster, which gently pressurizes your ductwork and measures the amount of leakage. The results show the location and amount of air leaking from your ducts. We can then eliminate most of these leaks with a special sealant. The improvement means that more of the conditioned air will make it inside the home improving overall efficiency. It can also mean improved comfort and less dust because less dirty, humid outdoor air is being pulled into the home.